If you’re looking for lifestyle experiences, five-star dining, and top-notch wellness programs, you’ve come to the right place. Mira Vie has everything you need to thrive in retirement.

The serene simplicity of Mira Vie Retirement Community, beautifully represented by two blue and one green triangles on a black backdrop. The tranquil harmony conveyed by these abstract geometric shapes, adding to the allure of our senior living experience.
Leisurely retirement living with our community programs, perfectly illustrated by a tranquil setting featuring two empty wine glasses, a floral arrangement, and fruit. The ambiance of a relaxed lifestyle at our senior living home.

About Dining

Mealtime at Mira Vie always feels like a special occasion with our restaurant-style dining rooms. Our team is comprised of world-class culinary chefs to unlock the ultimate first-class dining experience on a daily basis.

Through close collaboration with our culinary team, engaging educational sessions, and personalized meal-planning advice for residents, our registered dietitians make wellness accessible and enjoyable. We prioritize close supervision of kitchen safety and best practices with comprehensive reports that keep our standards impeccably high.

Blissful moments with your partner in our retirement community, engaging in joyful activities like playing cards together.


Experience a one-of-a-kind lifestyle at Mira Vie. With decades of expertise, our 13 communities are filled with programs and amenities to enrich your lifestyle. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail, from our in-house theater to our beauty salons and barber shops, you’ll find everything you need to live life to the fullest and feel your best. At Mira Vie, you’ll discover a life where every single day brings new opportunities to thrive and have the best time with joyful residents all around you.

Engaging wellness programs in our retirement community, with activities like senior women's seated fitness ball exercise with dumbbells.


At Mira Vie, senior community wellness is a personalized journey that embraces every aspect of senior health. From regular health monitoring to a comprehensive suite of therapy and exercise wellness programs, we keep senior health as our top priority.

Experience tailored nutritional counseling, enhancement of cognitive function, and spiritual enrichment – all within vibrant Senior Living communities that value family involvement and individuality. Our comprehensive team supports a diverse array of wellness programs and therapies so every day is an opportunity for growth, connection, and peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

5-star, top-rated quality senior living in our retirement community.
The elegance of four geometric shapes set against a black backdrop tailored for senior living: a striking blue triangle, harmonious green parallelogram, and two distinct shades of blue designs replicating a right-angle triangle and trapezoid.

“Eight years ago, after Mom suffered from a stroke, and we were unable to care for her, we had to make that difficult decision … where she would spend her end-of-life years. We knew we made the right decision when she adapted so quickly to the [Mira Vie] community. Scott, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your dedicated staff for taking such good care of Mom. From her friends, people at the front desk, wait staff, housekeeping, recreation, and ‘the bus driver’ to the aides and nursing staff, we thank you all! Please know how much Mom appreciated each and every one of you and how happy she was to be there.”

Linda Brunner

“My father spent the last 3.5 years of his life at [Mira Vie] in West Milford. He LOVED living there and referred to it as his ‘home away from home’. I highly recommend [Mira Vie] at WM!”

Diane Lungaro

“[Mira Vie] has been invaluable to myself and my family. My parents have resided in both Independent and Assisted Living, and we couldn’t be happier. The level of care and respect has helped put our minds at ease. The staff is wonderful and friendly. They are always there for you. There are plenty of activities and amenities, not to mention the delicious food. Your family will be well taken care of.”

Anita Wells